One innate quality in humans is our pursuit of happiness. Sometimes, though, we stumble or get lost in that pursuit. Psychotherapy can help you discover, learn, gain insight, and find the best path on your journey.

Your life’s experiences and relationships influence your current choices, guide your decisions, and affect the challenges you face. Having a safe, nonjudgmental space to reflect, discuss and learn about those choices, decisions and challenges is essential. My psychotherapy practice creates that space in a hopeful, positive atmosphere charged for discovery and change.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process. Trust is essential. And the true measure of success in therapy is your ability to translate what you learn into action in your daily life. While you know your quirks, foibles and behaviors best, my psychotherapy practice gives you the skills, strength and confidence to recognize the triggers to stress, anxiety or other life challenges and teaches you tools and techniques to manage and overcome them.  Between your counseling sessions, you are encouraged to reflect and put new behaviors and insights into practice. The insights we arrive at together help you develop more satisfying responses to life’s challenges.

Patricia Anderson


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